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Viveca Biomed is a privately held medical device manufacturing company located in Ashington, Northumberland. We are dedicated to understanding women’s needs and bringing innovation into female healthcare. Our mission is to improve the lives of women suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence through discreet, easy-to-use products backed by strong clinical evidence.

Our flagship product is Contrelle Activgard, a cushion soft, comfortable bladder support that when inserted, lifts the bladder neck and urethra, giving back control to women living with stress urinary incontinence. Contrelle doesn’t absorb leaks but stops leaks before they happen, enabling women to live their lives to the fullest, and freeing them from the constant need to use incontinence pads and liners. With Contrelle snugly in place, you can run, jump, dance, laugh, sneeze and cough, without fear of bladder leaks or worry of unpleasant odours.

Using Contrelle is as simple as using a tampon, easy to insert and remove, though works in a very different way. Contrelle is available in 3 sizes (Size 1, 2 and 3). You just need to purchase a Sizing Kit that contains all 3 sizes so you can quickly find your most effective and comfortable fit.

Contrelle is perfect for daily use or just during exercise. You can wear Contrelle for up to 16 hours of continuous bladder control, no need to remove when going to the toilet – just remember to remove it at bedtime.

Contrelle is a solution for women with stress urinary incontinence and for those who leak during sport. When correctly and comfortably in place, Contrelle works instantly to reduce or stop bladder leakage. It’s clinically proven to reduce the number and frequency of bladder leaks. Our studies showed 68% of women became completely dry using Contrelle, and over 95% reported Contrelle either stopped or significantly reduced bladder leakage, putting you back in control of when you want to go to the toilet.

Incontinence is often seen as a taboo subject, yet it’s a common condition that affects one in three women and should be something we talk about. The symptoms are physical, but incontinence also has a psychological impact causing high levels of stress, anxiety and low self-esteem. It can stop women from being active socially and physically. Contrelle can help women regain their confidence and quality of life. The product has extensive clinical evidence with seven trials completed, and additional post-marketing clinical trial activity planned.

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I became incontinent after giving birth to 2 children, but I love being active. Without Contrelle I couldn’t do any kind of sports, take care of my garden or look after my small grandchildren. I have had several operations, which have done me no good, I have tried several products, but none of these have helped —until Contrelle Activgard. With Contrelle I can do all the things I want. I can have a normal life.


I am so excited that I can feel comfortable exercising, dancing, sneezing, or just laughing. With Contrelle I can play with my kids without having to worry about embarrassing bladder leaks. It’s life changing — one where you don’t need to carry a change of clothes everywhere you go – just in case.



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