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We are the considered choice in specialist, tailor-made adjustable beds, chairs and care cots for adults and children with disability.
Since 1981, Theraposture has been a leading specialist in power-assisted adjustable beds, chairs and care cots. It is a well-respected and ethical supplier that provides quality adult and paediatric products across the UK and internationally – focused on delivering positive outcomes for all. Theraposture Trusted Assessors take pride in their clinical, assessment-led approach and are committed to ensuring maximum independence, comfort and support through award-winning products such as the Rotoflex bed. All assistive equipment from Theraposture is supported by transparent pricing, 14-day Suitability Guarantees and diligent, caring service.
ISO-accredited Theraposture is proud to partner with Parkinson’s UK, MS Society and Newlife, the charity for disabled children. Theraposture is also a supporter of the Disabled Living Foundation, Royal College of Occupational Therapists, and fully complies with the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) approved Code of Conduct.

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A selection of our specialist products

Rotoflex – the proven solution to get in and out of bed independently

We supply the largest choice in rotating adjustable beds, designed to get you in and out of bed independently, safely and on your own terms.
The Rotoflex from Theraposture is the original and proven rotating bed system. Getting legs into bed is a problem for many people – the Rotoflex offers the solution.
At the touch of one button, the Rotoflex will help you into bed, out of bed and will also help you stand up safely. The precision mechanisms are smooth, quiet and strong so the transfer experience is pleasant and relaxing – you are always in total control. The Rotoflex is proven to pay for itself quickly as the cost of carers can be reduced or eliminated in many scenarios.

  • Powered rotation, powered profiling and powered height adjustment
  • Single button operation for complete transfers
  • Patented lifting frame – will not tip over
  • Patented mattress retention system – holds mattress firmly in place
  • Supplied with RW17 medium risk mattress with wipe down cover as standard
  • Interchangeable Low, Medium, High and Very High risk mattress options available
  • Fully inclusive 3-year warranty for new beds
  • Supplied with two sets of fitted sheets with a sewn in pillowcase – your pillow will not drop to the ground when in the chair position
  • Supplied with a battery back-up to make sure the bed continues to work if there is a mains power failure
  • Meets BSEN 60601-2-52 (medical bed standard)
  • Buy back options
  • Vertical seat rise in the chair position – the Rotoflex will intentionally NOT tip you forwards like alternative rotating beds you may find

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Another way to learn about Theraposture products is by watching the videos below, so that you can see demonstrations of the products being used.

Why it is essential to choose a rotating bed with vertical lift in the seated position

Ultra-low access rotating bed for shorter users from Theraposture

Who can benefit from getting in and out of bed independently with a Rotoflex?

Assistive products can be hugely beneficial in promoting independence, positive health and wellbeing. As a Healthcare Professional, I recommend the award winning Rotoflex range from Theraposture because of its ability to achieve this. Independence with bed transfers is a realistic and achievable goal with the Rotoflex. The Rotoflex is recommended for clients with reduced range of movement and is of significant benefit to those living with progressive neurological conditions.

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist


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Where are we based?

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