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Profiling and variable height adjustable combination beds – for couples to share with varying mobility needs
Continue to share a bed with your partner and enjoy independent function on either side of the bed for individual comfort and needs. A double combination bed can be specified to your exact requirements meaning that you can have any combination of functions or sizes together in a bed that looks like part of your home.

Adjustable care cots for adults and children with disabilities – quality design for family peace of mind
We are chosen by healthcare professionals, charities and families who want to ensure that the safest assistive cot is in place which also looks at home in a domestic home. We are the market-leading supplier and provide the widest range of care cots for children and adults, that includes the futureproofed, fully modular Mascot Mk2 along with the Olaf, Timmy, Lotte and Hannah.
Cots can include variable height, profiling and Trendelenburg/anti-Trendelenburg functionality along with a vast array of specialist mattresses, features and safety padding.

Riser Recliner chairs – tailored support, maximum comfort
Specifically made-to-measure, Theraposture riser recliners deliver exceptionally high levels of comfort, quality and style – all meticulously finished by skilled craftsmen.

It is absolutely essential that an adjustable chair be ergonomically designed as an ill-fitting chair can lead to health issues. Whether the intended user’s frame is small, tall, large or wide, we will specify, design, handcraft and install the perfect adjustable chair for all users. Irrespective of being prescribed by an Occupational Therapist, selected by a dealer or chosen by an end-user, any combination of mechanism, style or type of armrest can be combined within a Theraposture adjustable chair.

Free video product demonstrations and client assessments with our Occupational Therapist, Shaun Masters
Our video assessment, demonstration, and training service are proving to be a popular, alternative option to home visits during the COVID pandemic. Live video sessions are an efficient and easy way to identify client needs and whether an adjustable bed, chair or cot is suitable for increased comfort and independence at home. Benefit from:

    • Easy-to-use booking calendar
    • No need for a home appointment
    • No travel time and costs
    • The ability to see multiple products in one call
    • Zero Covid-19 risk – individual or multiple products can be seen in one assessment appointment
    • Convenient times throughout the week
    • No setup, we organise all the technology
    • Recommendations from highly experienced Trusted Assessors and OT
    • Working smart to achieve faster positive outcomes



Another way to learn about Theraposture products is by watching the videos below, so that you can see demonstrations of the products being used.

Future proofed Mascot adjustable cot for disabled children & adults – a detailed presentation

Why Theraposture adjustable cots for disabled children and adults are the considered choice


Click on the images below to learn more about our products. These can also be downloaded as PDFs.

Mascot MK2 Care Cot Bespoke Assistive Beds Better Living

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