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CL Medilaw are specialist medical negligence and serious injury solicitors who work with our clients and their families to get the support, answers and compensation they deserve. We are a different type of law firm, committed to putting clients first.

We always remember that it is not just a case but it is your real life with the challenges and pressures that avoidable serious injury brings. Changing Lives is so much a part of who we are we have included it in our name. It is what we do, it is how we do it and how we remember why we do it.

We have 17 offices across the country and a specialist Brain Injury Team providing expert legal advice to clients with cerebral palsy and brain injury. Our aim is to make the legal side of things as straight forward as possible and concentrate on getting the best compensation for our clients to cater for their needs. This may be things such as rehabilitation, care, better accommodation, specialist aids and equipment to name but a few.

Serious injury can be traumatic and life changing for all the family and the CL Medilaw team strive to achieve outcomes that change the lives of our clients and their families for the better.

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Making a claim for your child isn’t easy, its sad, and difficult when you get the answers that prove that it shouldn’t have happened. The team at CL Medilaw understood this and have always been there to answer my questions and give support. Their relationship with my daughter is brilliant and because of the work they’ve done we can now look forward to her future making sure she has support to achieve her dreams.

Clients Mother

We can now move forward as a family with having peace of mind that our son will be thoroughly cared for during the rest of his life. We can also enjoy making lots of happy memories together.

Ryan’s Mother

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Rating :

I came across CL Medilaw, at a Kids in the middle exhibition by chance when I was attracted to a free chocolate. I spoke with a representative about my daughter, explaining that we as parents had already looked into medical negligence at my daughters birth through a different teams of solicitors, with the help of legal aid, but were told that while evidence did show that there was negligence, it wouldn’t be enough to build a case on our daughters behalf. We were never entirely convinced by this conclusion, but didn’t have any idea how to take matters further and so shelved any plans to do so.
I started to explain the circumstances around the birth, and was quickly introduced to Kay, a partner within the business. As I went into more detail, Kay confirmed our thoughts that there potentially was a case to be answered and would I mind providing her with with the documentation that we had already acquired, which I did.
Since that day, Kay has come to represent us and has supported us at every step on this legal journey, by being able to provide reports from the countries leading experts in the relevant fields, and guide us through the legalities in order to build a case that will provide a secure future for our daughter.
We have been fully included in all aspects of the case, but when it has become so complicated and daunting, Kay has been able to explain and reassure us in layman’s terms making sure that we are completely comfortable with the process. I cannot recommend Kay and her associates highly enough and would like to thank all involved with their help in bringing a brighter and secure future for our daughter.

Rating :

Fabulous – CL Medilaw have been so supportive, understanding and thorough. I can’t recommend them highly enough having had experience of other law firms. In particular Laura Cook who worked with us was fabulous. I felt so confident that she was doing everything she possibly could and completely understood our situation.

Rating :

Outstanding – when i gave up hope for my daughter’s negligence clam after other solictors were happy with the explanation given, ( its a
Very complex case) CL and the team of professionals took on the case and have gone above and beyond, making sure nothing has been missed, i really cant fault them, they are amazing and are willing to fight for my girl. Absolutely fantastic solicitors.

Rating :

CL Medilaw from the outset gave us confidence that they could win our sons medical negligence claim and they achieved this in 2019. Throughout the process all the team were supportive, understanding, caring and empathic. They were and continue to be available to answer our queries and to offer at times much needed emotional support. This is beyond a job for the team they are absolutely committed and care about their clients and families. I would highly recommend them.

Rating :

Amazingly outstanding service! We met Helen, one of the Partners from CL Medilaw at Kids Manchester about 4 years ago. We spoke to her in detail about our son and whether there could be a case for his birth injury being caused by medical negligence. From there, things were taken to the next stage as medical records were requested and promply reviewed. Helen then visited us at home to explain her findings and that there was a case! Helen then introduced Matt to us and he took it from there – the approach is friendly and very professional and they have kept us updated every step of the way. We can’t thank them enough for everything they have done!!

Rating :

Lifting a weight. While we arent at the end of the process we can see the end. The team at Medilaw have always and continue to treat us with patience and respect. As a parent of a child with a disability you worry not just for the day to day but long into their future when you are no longer able to support them. The weight of that worry is slowly lifting.