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Washloo is a specialist electric bidet brand, providing a range of high quality modern bidet products.  We are a UK domestic bidet brand, firmly committed to enhancing our customer’s bathroom experiences whilst retaining dignity.

Each of our bidet products has a suite of features that help create a better bathroom experience, including cleaning, odour control and personal hygiene. Washloo bidet toilet seats are compatible with 98% of UK toilets, and we also offer standalone bidet units.

We offer the longest and most comprehensive guarantee in the industry at 24-months, and provide free delivery throughout the UK. Our bidet products are simple to fit and use. We are committed to providing excellent service to go with our products. Our customer service staff are happy to help customers find the right bidet to suit their individual needs.

Washloo are firmly committed to bringing a better bathroom experience to people across the UK through our bidet products.

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Email: customerservices@washloo.co.uk
Website: www.washloo.co.uk

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