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Movement and muscle disorders such as spasticity, high/low tone as well as ataxias, dystonic and dyskinetic movements can now be relieved with a comfortable, individually programmed garment: The Mollii Suit by Remotion Ltd.

The Suit’s unique sub-threshold electro-stimulation prompts the body’s own neurological mechanisms, to re-balance muscle activity and to re-align the control of muscles naturally. The Suit’s stimulation over nearly all the body helps the wearer to improve their movements throughout, aiding long-term re-learning and neuroplasticity as well as giving short-term relief.

Each candidate is individually assessed and tested in a sample Suit for it to be personally programmed for their needs. This is all it usually takes to discover if and how the Suit will work for them before a decision to purchase.

Developed in Sweden over 6 years ago and used in most other European countries it is distributed in the UK by Remotion Ltd.

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