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Movement and muscle disorders such as spasticity, high/low tone as well as ataxias, dystonic and dyskinetic movements can now be relieved with a comfortable, individually programmed garment: The Mollii Suit by Remotion Ltd.

The Suit’s unique sub-threshold electro-stimulation prompts the body’s own neurological mechanisms, to re-balance muscle activity and to re-align the control of muscles naturally. The Suit’s stimulation over nearly all the body helps the wearer to improve their movements throughout, aiding long-term re-learning and neuroplasticity as well as giving short-term relief.

Each candidate is individually assessed and tested in a sample Suit for it to be personally programmed for their needs. This is all it usually takes to discover if and how the Suit will work for them before a decision to purchase.

Developed in Sweden over 6 years ago and used in most other European countries it is distributed in the UK by Remotion Ltd.

Tel: 01730 269000

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If I could give 0 stars I would.
Starte an assessment for a Mollii Suit for my grandmother, but was told she couldn’t continue because of a blood disorder that has NEVER required treatment, and is unlikely to ever require treatment. We even provided a letter from her specialist nurse and consultant that they understood what the suit was and were happy for her to proceed. These people are experts in her condition, and they said it was fine. But Remotion decided to hide behind their “Swedish supplier” and turn her down anyway. My grandmother has had a tremor all her life, and the Mollii suit was a glimmer of hope that she might be able to get better and they dashed it with no legitimate reason.
In my opinion, deferring their decision to their supplier instead of owning it outright was cowardly and shameful.
I don’t get to forget the impact that their decision has had on my grandmother, and I want to make sure that they don’t either.
For the love of god do not go to these people, if you want to use a suit of this kind source it from elsewhere.