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Jiraffe specialises in sourcing and providing postural care equipment and support for everybody, whether they’re at home, school, rest or play! At Jiraffe, we stick our neck out to provide innovative postural products to people who need a little extra support!

Our Mission… To enable each and every child to have the best possible opportunity of a functional, pain-free future. To work in partnership with the people who matter to make our society a better place for those with disabilities. To make a positive difference to our communities by staying true to our vision and values and being an outstanding employer.

Tel: 0114 285 3376
Email: hello@jiraffe.org.uk
Web: www.Jiraffe.org.uk


Here are a few images of the equipment we provide


Jenx Multistander

Jenx LTMS1 Instructional Video

Monkey: Prone stander

Introduction to Standz

KID brochure Multistandertricycle

Where are we based?

Wardsend Road,
S6 1RQ

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