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Confitex Reusable Absorbent Underwear.
The world’s best reusable absorbent underwear for light-to-moderate incontinence.

Confitex for Men incontinence underwear and Just’nCase pee-proof pants offer the ultimate in discretion, comfort and security for people living with light-to-moderate bladder leakage. They look and feel just like ordinary underwear, but with Confitex’s patented highly absorbent and leakproof textile just where it’s needed.
Independent lab-testing shows that Confitex male and female urinary incontinence products offer a better combination of absorbency capacity and leakproof performance than any other brand of reusable absorbent underwear.

Because they are a ‘normal-looking’ solution for light-to-moderate bladder leakage, they are often better accepted by people with early dementia and other disabilities than unfamiliar and uncomfortable pads, guards and liners.
The women’s briefs also multi-task as period pants, providing a convenient and reliable non-invasive means of menstruation management for people who struggle with pads and liners.
Unlike many other brands, Confitex’s incontinence briefs and trunks for women and men can safely be machine-washed and tumble dried without affecting their leakproof performance – a bonus for busy carers.
Please note, Confitex absorbent underwear are a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use pads, liners, guards and shields, but are not suitable for heavy bladder leakage (full bladder voids) or bowel incontinence.

Why choose Confitex for Men and Just’nCase incontinence underwear?

  • Comfortable, quality stretch cloth fabric, just like normal underwear
  • Superior absorbency and leakproofing for light-to-moderate bladder leakage
  • Independently lab-verified leakproof and odour-resistant
  • Stylish designs available in different colours and absorbency levels
  • Discreet, with no telltale show-through or external bulk
  • Breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and gentle on your skin
  • Quick-wicking to keep you dry, comfortable and hygienic
  • Machine washable and tumble dryable for convenience
  • Verified to last more than 52 washes without affecting performance
  • More environmentally friendly than single-use incontinence pads
  • More affordable than disposable incontinence products over time
  • Awarded Best Product of the Year in the prestigious Plus X Awards
  • Easy online ordering and discreet delivery to your door

“My partner has recently been diagnosed with mild dementia, which means that he sometimes becomes disorientated and frustrated. I needed a solution for his light bladder leakage that was as close to normal underwear as possible so when he does become forgetful he doesn’t get confused by unfamiliar products. I bought a pair each of your Extra and Everyday underwear to see if they would be suitable for him. It was such a relief how successful both were. He really likes the fit. They don’t ride up or shift about as he moves, especially when he sleeps in them at night. They don’t leak during the night, which saves me having to change the sheets and bedding in the middle of the night. I love how they can be machine washed and then put through the dryer on a low heat. It makes washing and drying them so much quicker – plus it’s such a relief that I don’t have to wash his trousers and sheets all the time as well. I have since replaced all his underwear with Confitex for Men. They’ve made my life so much easier. They have removed a lot of the stress that was beginning to make living in our own home too difficult. I feel like we’ve been able to take back control and continue to live how we were previously”


“James is 76 and has had an enlarged prostate for several years. Up until recently his bladder leakage was minor enough not to show through his outer clothing, but earlier this year it started to be a real problem. There were often anxious moments with urge incontinence when we went out and a few actual accidents when he came home with wet clothing, and the horrible experience of waking up in a wet bed became commonplace. We didn’t want to go to disposable pads. I found Confitex on the net and bought James pants in the light and extra absorbency range. They were extremely successful and I bought him more, so now he has six pairs altogether (three in each absorbency level) and uses nothing else – a light pair for day and the extra absorbency for night. He soaks and washes them out each morning. They do take a while to dry – we don’t often use the dryer – but this inconvenience is slight compared to the hassle of changing the bedding, which we had to do frequently. Life is much easier now. Hardly a day goes by that James does not thank me for buying him these pants. They have changed his life. Thank you!”



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