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Cadent Gas are one of 4 Gas Distribution Networks in the UK, responsible for delivering the gas to your property. We all work together and are committed to doing the right thing, and we want our customers and their loved ones to stay safe and warm. As such we can all offer extra help, free of charge, to people who need priority support either temporarily or long term.

Our services are designed to support people who are over 65, have children under five or are pregnant, have long-term physical or mental health conditions, have a disability or have additional language or communication needs. We could still support you if your circumstances aren’t listed above, so please contact us to find out how we could help.

Every gas and electricity supplier, electricity distribution network and water company has what’s called a Priority Services Register (PSR). It’s a free service for customers across England, Wales and Scotland, helping us to support those who need it most. If you sign up to the PSR, you will get extra services tailored for your communication, access and safety needs. And, with your explicit consent, suppliers and network operators will keep and share this information securely with trusted charities and across the energy industry.

We offer free services to support your community to stay safe, warm and independent in your homes and are always there for you in a gas emergency.
Safety is our priority and we want to ensure that in the event of a gas emergency you are able to make you and your family safe until we arrive. If you are unable to access your gas meter, to isolate your supply, you could be entitled to a free meter move.

When you care for a person with a condition such as Dementia or Autism it can often help to have extra measures in place to provide that extra peace of mind. This simple safety device will help a person living in a vulnerable situation to stay safe in their own home, and provide reassurance to family, friends and carers. We will fit a lockable safety device to the existing gas cooker pipework. We provide this free of charge regardless of your gas supplier. You don’t need to change energy supplier or inform your supplier of the device.

For more information on any of the services we provide please speak to one of our advisors.
Don’t worry if you are not in our area we can always tell you which one of us distributes the gas to you or you can visit energynetworks.org/ena/lno

If you are concerned about the safety of your gas supply, think you could have a gas leak or are experiencing symptoms of Carbon Monoxide please call our Gas Emergency Service urgently on 0800 111 999.

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