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Bariquins produce training mannequins weighing 25st/350lb/159kg that ONE person can carry -providing that it is not assembled! Bariquins are designed to be used in training Health Care sector staff and Emergency personnel in safely and efficiently moving and handling people suffering from obesity, whilst maintaining their dignity. A Bariquin is made up of 15 weighted parts, a jacket plus the realistic looking head, hands and feet. The heaviest component is designed to be 16kgs (that’s much less than the weight of a flight suitcase). Carrying handles are provided on all the heaviest body parts. Simple connectors are used allowing the Bariquin to be assembled quickly. A system of decals placed on the parts easily identifies where each section fits to assist assembly. Bariquins are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Tel: 0161 464 6160

Where are we based?
Suite 378, SBIC
3rd Floor
Broadstone Mill
Broadstone Road

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