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Autism Eye

The quarterly Autism Eye Magazine and monthly Autism Eye Newsletter are the UK’s biggest-circulation autism publications.

We offer independent, in-depth, useful information for the parents and professionals who care for or work with individuals on the autism spectrum.

We cover a wide range of important topics: news; education; therapies; health; diet and nutrition; legal developments; specialist equipment for play, sensory integration and life skills; and new products, toys, food and books.

Autism Eye is produced by national award-winning journalists.

Not only do we have practical experience of bringing up a young person on the autism spectrum, but the editor and publisher are both former Editors of the Year in the UK’s top journalism competitions.

Free subscriptions

Digital subscriptions to Autism Eye Magazine and the Autism Eye Newsletter are FREE. Just sign up on our website: https://www.autismeye.com/subscribe/

Subscriptions to printed issues are inexpensive, too. Most of our print subscribers choose the auto-renewing option, which is only £16 a year for UK parents: https://www.autismeye.com/subscribe-discount/ They can cancel their subscription at any time.

Links to other useful information

We also publish other useful information on our website, https://www.autismeye.com/. These resources include:
• An online directory of products and resources: https://www.autismeye.com/directory/
• A UK map of education and support providers, so you can find ones in your area: https://www.autismeye.com/education-and-support-finder/
• A calendar of autism-related events, many of which are free to attend: https://www.autismeye.com/events/
• Our news feed: https://www.autismeye.com/news/
• Sample features that we have published in Autism Eye Magazine: https://www.autismeye.com/features-2/

Health and education

A huge body of research and clinical experience indicates that many children on the autism spectrum also have related health issues. These problems are often connected to the gut and immune system. Autism Eye provides information on this important topic – and what parents and carers can do to alleviate the problems.

We also believe in early, intensive educational intervention and the benefits of a variety of therapies.

As parents of a young person on the autism spectrum, we know from our own experience that treating health-related issues and early educational and therapeutic intervention can have a very positive effect on an autistic child’s behaviour, cognitive development and general health and well-being.

Autism Eye aims to empower parents to become more knowledgeable and increase their capacity to respond to, and represent, their child’s needs.

We also aim to share professionals’ best practice in educational and therapeutic interventions.

You can read digital editions of the magazine free of charge – simply click here to subscribe and get started.

Tel: 020 8673 8496
Email: mark.hayes@autismeye.com
Web: www.autismeye.com


“Just flicking through my latest copy of Autism Eye – just want to say thanks for ‘being there’ through this magazine – it always makes me feel fired up and re-energised when I read it – so practical and user friendly – the journey and sometimes battle to help my son Peter continues but you help make me feel like I can do it!”
Carla Ryall, Lancashire

“I love Autism Eye. It is the only subscription I have. Over the last year it has been a guide, entertainment and incredible value. I pick it up and know I am going to learn something new, enjoy the read and then pass it on to friends. It is informative, interesting and relevant. When I get it through the post, it simply makes my day because it makes a difference. Thank you.”
Katie Farley, Suffolk.

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