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Yorkshire Care Equipment

Yorkshire Care Equipment have been providing high-quality care and mobility equipment to the north of England for 45 years. With unrivalled expertise and a friendly, knowledgeable assessment team, they are the go-to people for all things to do with seating, hoists, beds and mattresses amongst a wealth of other aids. Specialising in made-to-measure items, Yorkshire Care Equipment are dedicated to delivering the finest solutions to their clients no matter how complex their needs may be. Their approachable, friendly staff are helping to enhance quality of life, one person at a time.

Our profiling beds offer comfort and positioning support to ensure that you have the best night’s sleep possible. We can provide completely custom-built solutions in the form of both single and double profiling beds. In the past, we have made and supplied double profiling beds that have independent positioning options down either side, allowing couples to make themselves completely comfortable without having to sleep apart. We also made a double profiling bed that could be split apart to allow the carer to have better access to each person. We’re sure we can create the perfect profiling bed for you.


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